Professor, University Putra Malaysia

  • Founding Chair of 7 major international conferences (IMELT,MICELT, ICELT, ELT Materials, Creative Writing, IMELT, ASEANELT)
  • Founding Chair of 2 major international symposiums (Creative Writing and ELT Materials)
  • Organized more than 15 international conferences as Chair
  • Involved in more than 28 funded research projects (National and International)
  • Publications include more than 100 journal articles, 25 chapters in books, 5 books and 25 anthologies (as Editor)
  • Inventor of the 1st computerized tool for evaluating ELT textbooks, 2010 and software for retrospective evaluation of textbooks; Gold Medals at the British Invention Show (London, 2009) and IENA (Germany, 2010)
  • Inventor of 1st on-line textbook evaluation checklist http://www.textbookevaluation.com/; 2011
  • Research Awards; 5 international awards; 3 national; 29 PRPI (UPM).

My Sessions